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I'm about to take on a project, with absolutely zero knowledge of electronics. I'm looking for someone who can guide me through the build, and I'm willing to compensate them for their time.

In short, I'm looking to build a custom controller that will do the following via wireless (xbee I assume):

Joystick 1: Control 2 small servos that control focus/zoom gears on a camera lens
Joystick 2: Control 2 small servos that operate an existing pan/tilt camera head
Joystick 3: Control a 20a motor with variable speed and direction for a camera dolly

I'm hoping someone can help me choose what to buy, and then draw me up a schematic of how to build it. This includes everything from the motors, to the power supply, controllers, etc. Or better yet, if they live close (I live in St Catharines), just help me build it in person.



Sounds like a double ended rip-off for you.


I may be able to help you.  I am a little North East of T.O. though.

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