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Hi all

I just thought I would update you on some of the testing I have been doing. As I mention the guys at http://www.3dprint-uk.co.uk/ had very kindly sent me some samples to see if the vultures could bite through them. One of the areas that has worried me a little has bee the risk of a bird getting through the case and biting a LiPo. Anyway what I'mlearning is that vultures won't bite white plastic objects (and why should they).. from the few bites she did do the plastic did very well.



brilliant, the comedy troll with an owl. who would have thought it


We still need help!!! This has become one of the most popular threads on here but we are lacking people helping. If you are one of the people who contact me, thank you and please register on the eggduino.org site as I would love for all of you to join in. If you would like to become a Moderator on the site again please register and let me know. Any help is really welcome on this very important project.

Many thanks for reading this.



We're now streaming video from the Griffon Vultures where we hope to use the first egg....


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