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My project is a 5 motor robot arm.  I have a megamoto  plus mega2560. I got the test program running (megamoto test code) ramp up/down and modified enough to show that the high amp 9 vdc drill motor motors I am using can be handled by the megamotoplus.  I am currently zeroing in on the 2nd 8 inch arm and one motor for now.  I need help with  code that will run one loop  when a switch or button is pushed.  (and act as a one shot-(switch on or button pushed for short or long time))  I am using a 50/1 worm gear and 3.3/1 belt pulley ratio so about 2.2 motor  revs per degree. I have run with a direct toggle switch to show it will run.   I want the loop to ramp up and down and travel 180 degrees, delay stop and repeat back to home.  I want to use a pot on the output shaft or an encoder on the motor. ( I have both, but 1st want to see if the accuracy of a pot will be good enough.)
Eventually I will add the other arms etc
I can pay some so am interested if someone could help me.  I have some knowledge with PLCs, but my background is Mechanical.

Jack      jndhoffa@gmail.com


Hi Jack,

I can certainly help you with this programming and interfacing task. I am a former toolmaker and so understand your mechanical requirments and am able to translate them into a program to do the job.

What is your timescale for this project and what is your budget.

You can see some of my other work at WWW.EmbeddedAT.com If you think I am a good fit  four your need then please drop me an email to Peter@EmbeddedAT.com

Cheers Pete.
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I have plenty of megamoto's lying around here. I'm using them with my mega2560.
Questions: You have a 5 motor robot arm , do you need a megamoto for each motor?

Best regards
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