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I've got this EMG detector from Seeed Studio.

I want to buy replacement electrodes. There are many shops online where one can buy electrodes but it is not clear to which standard the Seeed electrode's pin size does comply. Seeed Studio itself doesn't seem to know. Maybe someone here has an idea ?

Thank you in advance.


You can order these from Grainger industrial supply:


$7.85 for a package of 10.

They also have:
$18.93 for a package of 25
$27.25 for a package of 50 of the smaller (pediatric) size.
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Thanks, however my concern is more about the snap size. The snaps from the electrodes shipped with the Seeed circuit have a pin with a diameter of 3.5mm but some electrodes seem to have a diameter of 3.9mm. This information is almost never displayed on the e-shop's pages!  :(

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