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So i got my electret micropphone, wen i test it (and read about it) I knew I had to do a amplifier. Because the mic variation is too low for Arduino to recognize.

I used the circuit below, then I connected it to Arduino and start reading it.
Honestly i don't know if it is a good amplifier to use...
But my main question is:
How can I creat  grafic based on time so i can study electret mic behavior?
My ideia is to Create a lamp that turns on when you clap (double time)
Any ideia my frieds?

Tanks 4 your awesers! =)


The 1st thing to do is use the Serial Monitor to see what kind of ADC readings you're getting.

You may need to tweak your amplifier design.   At maximum gain, you'll get the full gain of the op-amp and it will become unstable.   You need a resistor between the ground and the ground-side of the gain pot.  A resistor 1/100th the value of the pot will limit the gain to 100.

If you read in a fast loop, your readings will look random because you are reading random places on the audio waveform.    But louder sounds will give you some bigger readings (when everything is working properly).    Your amplifier doesn't have a negative voltage supply so you won't get the negative half of the waveform (which the Arduino can't handle anyway) and about half of your readings will be zero (or near zero).

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