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Im new to the community, nice to meet you all , i hope to find exciting projects

I hold an Arduino YUN what i did so far is
install Arduino IDE 1.5.6R2
Install drivers
Upgrade image Yun openwrt through WIFI
i need to expand disk storage so i can install a mini server under linino

i was following tutorial and downloaded the YunDiskSpaceExpander.zip, then i open it and uploaded into YUN but the serial monitor doesnt show like it is supposed to
i attached what my serial monitor look like




except for the virus windows and weird french characters I see nothing that makes me think there is something wrong with the serial monitor.
Maybe you should be more precise in what is expected and what is seen.

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Do you see something printed if you press the Send button on the serial monitor? If it prints Goodbye, the "while(!Serial)" in "setup" function has not worked (it may happen): in this case, after while(!Serial) add "delay(5000);", then reupload and reopen serial monitor within 5 seconds


Thank you federico for response

yes when i press send i see "Goodbye"

i added delay after  while(!serial)
while (!Serial);
it doesnt work , why the setup function doesnt load ?


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AHA i solved it

i reduced  port speed from 111520 to 9600 bauds and it worked without adding delay

thanks for your support !  


Good to know! Can you change the topic title to [solved] ?

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