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Topic: My Ethernet card is crashing when used with the SD card ???? (Read 660 times) previous topic - next topic


I am trying to build a data logger for 3phase power
which I want to later up grade to a real time networked display.

I have an Arduino uno, an Ethernet shield+ micro SD and 3 split core 30A to 1V transformers on the analog pins.

I have checked the SD card using the card info sketch, that's working.

I want to use the network to provide the time, so have rehashed the Udp NTP Client to output epoch.

I used the original Udp NTP Client sketch to check it.
The Udp NTP Client sketch does work, when there is no SD card in the shield but when there is an SD card it does nothing????

So whats happening with the network and SD card?

Attached is the code I am trying to use.

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