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I confirm, the LED USB is not blinking or lit at all when I powered the Arduino.


Vadorequest, any news about your issue? Still nothing printed on the ide console with the yunserialterminal sketch loaded, the yun connected to your pc via usb and the ar9331 reset with it's white button?


Nothing more than the last time actually...
Nothing is printed, I don't think it will print anything now if it doesn't the last time.
I don't think I'll able to fix it, I commanded another one, I can't loose too much time with this issue.
I would like to reset the Linino but not with the reset button because it don't looks working, if there is another solution, I'll try it but I don't have too much hope now.


Okay, I bought another Arduino and I tried with it, I have a lot of information using putty or the IDE console serial, it's working well.

I don't know what was the problem with the old one, but I think something is just dead.


i have the same problem. I tried the described steps. But i can not see anything on the serial monitor ( build in the IDE, Boud 115200). The white "on" led is not glowing. I can upload the YunSerialTerminal Sketch and this sketch runs, because i debuged it with the status led on pin 13. is there any further steps so i can  resuscitate my arduino Yun?



same problem here.
I just today found this post. I started a new one here yesterday: http://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=253661.msg1795044#msg1795044

About the USB led lighting up. People who suggest this suppose that you have the latest version of openwrt. One of the features of the new version is that when the linux side boot sequence is done - the USB led starts glowing. Unfortunately - i've had the newest openwrt and now have same situation as you do. The yun rst button makes the led glow but when i release the button nothing happens. Since there are three of us, don't you think we should report it in any way to Arduino people? I've found the email address to be support (at) arduino.cc


That's the right email for asking support. Before writing, know that the usb led does NOT glow, it lights up AFTER linux has completed its startup, so after about a minute since you powered it on.

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