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Are you sure that's the reason or is this just a guess ?

I am sure that the capactor you have used is useless for the task you have give it so it needs changing in any case. if you have anything else wrong it is hard to say at this stage. You must always correct the things that are wrong when ever you see them. As itcouldexplain everything and needs changing anyway then you loose nothing by changing it.

Okay. Thank you so much. I'll try to find a ceramic one and replace it.

So, changed the capacitor but problen insisted. Then check the code once again and realised I used the same output twice. Now it is working with even plastic capacitors (FYI). Also noise of LEDs are gone.


Glad it is working.
Now it is working with even plastic capacitors (FYI)

Even so it needs to be ceramic to work effectively. You have what is known as a better margin with a ceramic. This will apply to susceptibility to interference as well and you haven't tested for that.

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