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For me, the strength of Arduino is in the huge documentation, experience and wonderful community.

What I would like to see is something like ATMega 328 + connectors and a sort of "peripherals shield" to add to it.


Another point is not to go ahead to fast.

I just ended my half year Arduino nano learning and experience to find out that this version may lo longer exist. Then I turn to Arduino pro mini 3.3 V - to find out that is very difficult to find them.

As long as the purpose is to learn, such fast moves seriously jeopardize my efforts.

I welcome MKR series - that is wonderful! But for me, their high cost prevent me to pick them for learning and education purpose.

Nano did a great job in respect to education/learning - in my opinion. It may be somehow obsolete, but cheap genuine units and even cheaper clones along with an wonderful simplicity and versatility - these points are difficult to beat.

If Arduino moves up to target more experienced people, then it may leave the empty space for other competitors - that is ok in the market sense, but is somehow disappointing (in my humble opinion).


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