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My group and I are trying to build "weather stations" in which we can detect cosmic rays, air temperature, lightning etc. My particular part of the project is lightning. We are trying to detect lightning using both audio input as well as surveillance system so that we can take pictures of each lightning stroke and count how many there are in a prolonged period of time. I noticed that there is a surveillance system that can be connected to a Arudino Yun board.

Is this the best way for using a web cam, and is there an audio input that can be used for additional information?


If you want to get pictures of lightning, an audio input won't be effective as a trigger.  Unless the lightning strike is right on top of your system, the stroke will be over before any sound reaches it. 

You mention a surveillance system.  What kind of thing is that?  Is it specifically intended for lightning detection?


Old thread might help - http://forum.arduino.cc/index.php/topic,8586.0.html -
also google images: Arduino lightning
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there are ICs that do this job, and are pretty good (more sensitive than your eyes or ears at detection):


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