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Dear all,

Just wanted to point your attention towards the Open Knowledge Festival which takes place in Berlin next week.

The festival, which is curated by a global community, will bring together over 1,000 people from more than 60 countries to share their skills and experiences; encouraging them to work together to build the very tools and partnerships that will further the power of openness as a positive force for change. In addition, the festival will be a fantastic opportunity to celebrate all that the open movement has achieved so far, and an opportunity to plan and shape the landscape ahead.

Among the many topics are of course open hardware, you can see which sessions are already planned here:

There is furthermore an unFestival with lots of space for impromptu sessions, so bring your ideas along. Also, you can dive into both an indoor and a mobile hackerspace (in a truck, parked in the courtyard of the venue, Kulturbraueri) courtesy of FabLab Berlin.

More info, tickets, etc. etc. - http://2014.okfestival.org/

Hope to see you there!


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