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So I have a low pressure sensor (NPC-1210) and followed the schematic given to me from the GE website (http://www.ge-mcs.com/en/pressure-mems/mems-sensors/npc-1210.html [Under Specifications tab]). I have it connected to my breadboard and have all the connections right, I have used a LM6132 op amp to amplify the output. The problem I have is the there is 2 Vouts, +ve and -ve, and was wondering which one should I connect to the analog pin of the board. I am using the arduino Mega 2560. Any Help on this?


I expect you connect the - side to Ground and the + side to the analog input.

The 2560 can configure pairs of analog inputs in differential mode:

"The device also supports 16/32 differential voltage input combinations. Four of the differential inputs (ADC1 & ADC0, ADC3 & ADC2, ADC9 & ADC8 and ADC11 & ADC10) are equipped with a programmable gain stage, providing amplification steps of 0 dB (1×), 20 dB (10×) or 46 dB (200×) on the differential input voltage before the ADC conversion. The 16 channels are split in two sections of 8 channels where in each section seven differential analog input channels share a common negative terminal (ADC1/ADC9), while any other ADC input in that section can be selected as the positive input terminal. If 1× or 10× gain is used, 8 bit resolution can be expected. If 200× gain is used, 7 bit resolution can be expected."

You would have to learn how to manipulate the hardware registers to set that up if you can't find a pre-written library to do it.  Then you would connect the - side to the negative input and the + side to the positive input.
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Did you ever get this pressure sensor to work?

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