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Hello, so i have a bluetooth headset that i dont use. I opened it up an found it has a bh139-c6r chip. And it has two pins named rx and tx on it. My question is could i hack it to use it as a bluetooth module to control my arduino robot(yet to be built). I searched on google but only found hacks to add a stereo jack to it. Any help would be appreciated.
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I don't see any datasheet on bh139 on google.
Try this as a starting point - power up the device, put a meter on TX and see what level it sits at.
If it's 3V to 5V, then connect TX to Arduino RX and see if it outputs anything recognizable when it pairs with another bluetooth device. May need to experiment with different data rates.
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Bluetooth-modules are a special kind of beasts. When selecting a module for your application, you buy the module, a license for a very special IDE. In this IDE you make a software stack that support what you want - Be it Serial, Audio, Keyboard, Mouse etc. and flash that in the module.

You cannot use this module for serial. PERIOD.

// Per.

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