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Visit my site and see my new board dedicated to an aquarium controller but, that can be used to other projects respecting the pinout.


Best regards.

Fernando Garcia


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Well done!

Can you tell a bit about the design ? e.g. specific what IO's it has etc
How long did this project take you?
Rob Tillaart

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Thanks by comment!

I spent approximately 6 months.

I'm a civil engineer, this is my first electronic project.

Was done to join many circuits necessary to my aquarium controller.

The I/O and additional circuits are basically:

9 Jack phone 3.5 mm (6 are connected in analog pins and has pull up resistor of 10K and LEDs in parallel to be used with float switches, 3 are connected to a digital pin and has a resistor pull up of 4.7K Ohm  to be used with temperature sensors in parasite mode);

2 Jack RJ45 (1 connected in an ULN2003 that’s controlled by analog pins, this circuit allow control devices untill 50V / 500mA, 1 connected to 3 analog pins and 4 digital pins);

1 Header 2 x 20 connected to hex buffers that allow connect TFT’s of 3.3V directly;

1 Connector DB37 in parallel with the header 2 x 20 that allow connect TFT’s of 3.3V using a serial cable;

2 Jack RJ11 (1 connected to digital pins, GND and 5V);

1 LAN;

1 Connector DB25 (connected to 2 ULN2803 controlled by an expander I2C);

4 Connector BNC (connected to 4 sockets to be used with circuits from Atlas Scientific);

Real Time Clock (with battery holder and jumpers to select the pins ’20, 21 or 18, 19′);

Ethernet controller (w5100);

Expander I2C  with 16 I/O pins (PCF8575);

Multiplexer for 4 devices UART (74HC4052);

Buzzer for alarm (with trimpot to adjust of volume and jumper to disable);

Hex buffers for translation of voltage in logic level (for TFT touch);

Wireless Transceiver of 915MHz (RFM12B).

Best regards.

Fernando Garcia


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I did some prototypes of the enclosure for Ferduino Mega 2560.

Here's the first.

Total size is 177 x 162 x 70 mm.


Here's the second.

Total size is 177 x 162 x 40 mm.

I'm thinking still about the best system to close the box without screws on top.

Best regards.

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