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Have a while ago an Arduino Esplora purchased with a TFT LCD screen 160x128px
Now I want the following program loading               https / / github.com / Thekitty / EsploraApps
This program would have me on the screen, the values ??of all the sensors that are in the Esplora but all I get on screen is four broad white bars blended with four narrow black bars
All other examples of arduino esplora works
The version of Arduino to program I use is 1.5.7
Can anyone help me with this problem , thank previsously
Am i alone with thuis problem




The problem is soved
I idd some  change
Remove of the following lines
#include <Adafruit GFX.h
#include<Adafruit ST7735.h
Crediting of delivered rule
And in the Void setup (){.  Set the new text

And it workshop great
Kind regards

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