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Hi all
im having a problem in the mood cue projecti in the starter kit
i 'am 100% sure the at the code dont have errors and it is working properly i believe that  my problem is in the wires or the place of the components on the board

please make a look

thanks in advanced ...


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It seems that you have pin 9 connected to the power line (red) on your Servo, instead of connecting it to the control line (white). They are just backwards--switch those two connections and you should be fine.


thank you it worked great
but the thing is that this part of the board is not clear in the book fig

thanks for helping


thanks fraizor for posting the picture of your circuit! I realized my analog pin connection to the middle pin of the pot was not connected in the right spot. works great now.  thanks!


The illustration figure of the 3 servo wires on the text book might cause confusion.
The combination of the physical servo connector is a little bit different.
The "red" and "black" wires are not next to each other. There is a "white" wire between them.
So it will be working if you figure this out.

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