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Hello, I started to play with electronics some time ago and I want to turn on a light bulb with an Arduino, searching in Google I found a lot of material related to that topac and in all of them a realay is used.

I bougth a 5v relay (Omron G5V-2 5v http://www.omron.com/ecb/products/pdf/en-g5v_2.pdf) and tested it for turning on just a led powered by a 9v battery, it worked like a charm but it is just a common led. It has some data on the cover of the relay:
0.6A 125VAC
0.6A 110VDC
2A     30VDC

First I think the max voltage for AC it can have is 125VAC and 30VDC but reading the data sheet I found a lot information a could not  understand, it mentions 750VAC  between contacts and 1000VAC for coil.

I live in Bolivia and the standard voltage is 220V. My question if I replace the 9v and the led with a bulb and the contacts with 220VAC, will the relay burn down?
will it work without problems?
do I need another relay that can support 220VAC?

Thanks in advance


Hi, the maximum switching voltage is 125Vac or 125Vdc, so your 220Vac is to high unfortunately.

The 750Vac and 1000Vac are the insulation breakdown voltages between the contacts (750Vac) and the Coil and Contacts (1000Vac).

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