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Has anyone here an idea of the characteristic Line Impedance of CAT6 wire ? I am planning to use SN75176 Bus tranceivers on several Arduinos in one installation, and I need to terminate the ends of the Bus with resistors which are close to the value of the Line Impedance ... In stead of just using 680-Ohm or 1k-Ohm terminators, it would be "nice-to-know" what will be ideal.
My line lengths will be in the region of 50 to 80 meters between nodes. I plan to use the remaining pairs in the Cat-6 as home-grown POE ...
Thanks, CharlieD


Find the manufacturers datasheet for your cable and you should find the info your asking for.
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Ok, about the 20-th data-sheet I found suggests Zo to be between 85 to 115 Ohms ... I will use 100 Ohm & see how that works
Thanks for the reply Riva

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