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I just got the starter kit and am going through get to know your tools example. It says that I need to connect the cathode to the ground using a wire. The pictures implies there is a wire with a red block on it. Same goes for the anode. However I cant find these wires at all. Is this supposed to be included or do I provide it myself? If included, where did you find it (which box) and what did it look like?



I noticed that the colors of the wires in the book and in the actual package can vary. It doesn't matter, the color of the wire doesn't really mean anything.

However, I'd use the same color for the same purpose. For  example, if I wanted to connect 3 LEDs to pins on the Uno board, those three connections would all be used with green wire. Then, if I send a wire from the input pin on the Uno board to the breadboard I would use yellow, or something along the lines of that.
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