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Hey guys, i just buillt this Radar-like porject that detects intruders and activates a loud alarm if one detected (At the video i replaced the alarm with a buzzer, because i didn't want to wake up my parents  :)

check it out (youtube) :  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wa0pW6scRqE

i hope you like it !


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Please remove all the many useless words in the description of your Youtube movie. I would consider your post as spam if you don't remove that. Is it your own video ?


Yes of course its my video. ill remove the tags


Thank you.
The video is very nice  XD
Do you have a website to show the sketch and so ?


I will gladly send you the sketch  just give me your email adress or somewhere to send you


Please Give me the code on my mail nhattruongle@live.com, tkss

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