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Whether a part needs a "value" or not is something that you can control when you create the part via the radio button in the lower left corner of the "Device" panel.

In any case, it's not so much that everything reported by the ERC/DRC had to be FIXED, so long as they're understood.  That's why there is an "Approve" button.

Um, you should look at my tutorial on modifying design rules: http://www.instructables.com/id/EZVIGHUBGCEP287BJB/
And be aware that switching regulators can be REALLY FUSSY about the PCB layout.


Having a Value for each part is nice for when the Parts List is Exported into a .txt file, and then imporded into excel for manipulation, adding digikey/mouser part numbers, etc.
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When i name the part, it tells me now, that this part (LM2672) has no "value", don´t know, which value i have to give. The drill size and whats the matter with "net classes" i must lookup, i don´t know, which sizes and i have only one net class, the "default" net class.

westfw, thank you for your tutorial regardings sizes and so on, i think, if i have once a working example i can gather the informations that i need with this tool.


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