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-> Download http://www.wch.cn/downloads.php?name=pro&proid=5 and unrar (CH341SER\)
-> RUN \CH341SER\setup.exe
Here You Go...


On Windows 8 and Linux the drivers are built in, so just plug and go...


I hope not to be off topic, but here's what I found:

On forum below, I found the driver for my arduino nano V3  card with a chip CH340g for USB-serial link (not a FTDI chip, apparently Chinese clone chips are automatiqement blocked by last updated windows and FTDI, but hey I'm not the right place to mention here)


Fenchurch Thursday, December 02, 2010 4:43 PM Reply
Found this to work on Win7 64bit probably works with other os's as well.


Thank you Fenchurch !!!!!!!

I said that this driver works under Windows 7 64 bit.


I got an Ardunino Nano clone realy cheap off ebay and hadn't done any research before.

On my Dell/W8.1 Laptop the driver didn't install properly. Had a "USB2.0-Serial" unknown hardware thing when i plugged in the board. It got an 340G Chip on it so after trying out the drivers from the Arduino IDE and another FTDI-whatever driver which both did not work finally

this one worked like a charm. Plug in the board, fire up the setup.exe and click "Install" and you got yourself a new COM Port for communicating with your new toy.

Thanks for the help in this thread, even if it talked about Mac OS in the first place   :smiley-mr-green:


I put up a blog post summarizing findings in this thread and several others:


Hopefully someone will save time, and not waste an hour like I did :)


Well, when I sell Arduino compatibles with CH340 chips on them I just put a link in the listing for them.


 I have one of these cheep 2560 clones with the CH340 chip set. I installed the driver CH341SER_MAC, but sometimes i plug the board in i get the following message and have to manually shutdown my Imac;

 "You need to restart your computer. Hold down the power button until it turns off, then press the power button again".

 I've googled this, and apparently it's called a "kernal panic", and related to quote below;

Actually, I was too quick assigning blame. It was nothing to do with the USB-serial at all, and everything to do with the capacitor on the Arduino power supply. (presumably a large current surge when plugging-in caused a rather serious problem. But it shouldn't crash the Mac surely?)
How can i get around this / what is the solution to the above?

 Use an external power supply, so not using the USB power, or could i hack a USB cable with resistors on the power lines?

 Any input welcome.
I'm not a student or a lecturer. I'm a hobbyist.


I ran into the same problem with this on my iMac Yosemite.  I just opted to not use it.  My Imac keeps shutting off when plugged in.


Hi Everybody,

I just got a arduino nano clone with chip ch430. I installed the driver as in


and it worked nicely with the blink script. I connected a gyroscope gy521 and it was still working when suddenly the serial port had disappeared from the serial port menu. I closed and opened arduino again and the port was no longer there. I rebooted and still no port.

I reinstalled the driver few times and rebooted few times. No chances to get it back.

Has anyone ended up in the same problem?

Thanks for sharing,



Check the last few lines of output for dmesg when the device is plugged in. (Open terminal, run dmesg, plug it in and leave for 1 minute and run dmesg again. See what is new)


I've just tested a cheap Nano-clone with a CH340G-chip (this one). Works out of the box like a charm with Arduino IDE 1:1.0.5 on Ubuntu 14.04. For all those who still have problems with the chip: Why don't you create a Linux live system on an old usb flash drive, possibly based on Lubuntu, to upload the code. This might sound like a long shot but it's actually not that much work. And it would keep you from hassling with those strange third-party drivers...


I don't use Linux live stuff... I have Linux installed by default... :) And your right it just works.


Thank you so much! dmatyukhin

I just got several cheap DCcduino boards from China and it works on my mac.

Just to summarise. On Yosemite:

1. Install the driver http://www.wch.cn/downloads.php?name=pro&proid=178

2. Run this(Terminal):

Code: [Select]

sudo nvram boot-args="kext-dev-mode=1"

3. Restart

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