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Hello everyone,

So I bought a LED matrix a while ago for a couple of euro's and I thought it would be easy to hook this matrix up. I was wrong...
This matrix is from a German company named: SAF-Displays and there is 0 documentation about this LED module. As you can see on the pictures it has 2x5 pins what looks like a normal USB connector (but it isn't...).
I searched the internet for hours to find similar modules, but without success.
So my question is if someone is familiar with this kind of circuit. It has a Atmel AT91SAM7S32 and 4 Y5927 16-channel constant-current LED sink drivers. It would be awesome to control this with USB or with arduino's.

Thanks in advance!


I don't know why you think that is a USB connector? It could be anything, although the SAM7S does have USB.

The company website and google do seem to be devoid of info, normally I get a few hits.

I think you will have to sit down with a datasheet and multimeter and buzz out the connections. I don't see a power connector anywhere, so I would guess it is power + serial comms.

Please ask questions in the forum so everyone can benefit. PM me for paid work.

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