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If you are able to get to Vegas,USA in Jan then maybe you can get some info out of Atmel.. http://enable.atmel.com/CES2015
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So, when they say "zero" they mean "non-existent", vaporware?


I did earlier comment on the novel naming.

Ground zero?


I was wondering if I have a Atmel SAM D21 Xplained Pro could I test any of the software eco-system for the Zero.  From what has been explained so far it looks like the Zero is just a Atmel SAM D21 Xplained Pro in the Arduino form-factor.

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It says Feb 27th here
Is that an official Arduino site?? I thought Arduino srl aka Smartprojects is not actually Arduino SA.

ETA: Well, this is interesting, surprised I haven't seen it before, it seems there are now two organisations laying claim to the name Arduino.

Some rumor : Arduino got in troubles, two corporates behind the boards

Some fact: Arduino, LLC v. Arduino S.R.L. f/k/a Smart Projects S.R.L. et al cause of action: Trademark Infringement

I'm not sure if Smartprojects are making the Zero and pre-announcing it, or if the "Zero Pro" is some sort of clone.

Very confusing, I hope the situation can be resolved.
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but no information on the official site.
how to program this board that is not integrated in Arduino 1.6.0 ?


It's confirmed that the Arduino founders are in a legal dispute over the Arduino name. http://hackaday.com/2015/02/25/arduino-v-arduino/

It appears Arduino Srl fka Smart Projects (Arduino hardware manufacturers) are going ahead with sale of what they call "Arduino Zero Pro", while the official Arduino company are not (yet) providing any software support for it in the IDE, unless they have an announcement in the works.

Note that the Smart Projects version of Zero is subtly different to the Arduino Zero on the official Arduino website.

If the Zero is being used a pawn in the struggle between founders, Atmel must be shaking their head in despair. Unfortunately when millions of euros at stake, otherwise reasonable people forget about "gentleman's agreements" and call in the lawyers. I am afraid Arduino is headed for a long legal wrangle, the future of Arduino is at stake.
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Arduino has forked. There are now two Arduinos, arduino.cc and arduino.org.

arduino.org have launched the "Arduino Zero Pro" with software support in their version of the IDE, while arduino.cc have not.

arduino.cc Zero

Arduino.org Zero Pro

This is going to be massively confusing.
Please ask questions in the forum so everyone can benefit. PM me for paid work.


This is going to be massively confusing.
As if that isn't confusing enough, the arduino.org Zero Pro is listed for sale on these previously reported sites, but they are using the pictures of the arduino.cc Zero, even showing the same serial numbers!

you can buy it here already:
--> http://www.robofun.ch/de/arduino-zero-pro.html
or here as well:
--> http://electronics.semaf.at/Arduino-Zero-Pro


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