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I see this excellent program and update it's great work !

but i have two problem with json error -> arduinojson 5 to arduinojson6 have you update code ?

and see for two variator potentiometer rv1 500k and rv2 100k how setting this please ? no oscillator

difference between 3002/6002 and 9032 ? more pcb stable ?

now i build this pcb (3002/6002) and it run (without json part program and no testing call for now)

Thanks ! 


Newest development from Jake and myself is the XStream running on a DIYino Infinity, here is the first shot at dynamic swing sound:
OmiSwing demo1

It is based on Jake's sound library made for the nRF52 BLE core, which is at the heart of the Infinity.

More saber and IoT awesomeness soon!

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