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Howdy folks!

I have been working on tank controller for radio controlled tanks.  What I have done so far works (up to a point) but my attempt at coding is very rough and ready. First I'll explain what this device does, then how far I have got and finally what I would like to pay a proper developer to do.

The following is a brief outline of what this project does....
This is an RC tank controller, it is connected to a standard RC receiver, it's outputs are connected to standard RC speed speed controllers which in turn drive the tracks.   The controller also receives a specific signal from an IR sensor, this represents being 'hit' by an enemy tank, when hit we have to restrict the max speed of the tank and put on an LED for a while.   The tank also outputs a specific 38Khz IR signal when the user hits the fire button.   There are also three digital outputs, one when we fire, one when we are hit and the third when we are destroyed, these trigger sound events on an external sound card
One other major feature is that the tank must have user settable weight classes, this determines how often the tank can fire, how many hits it can take and how much it slows down. I have imagined this would be via a pair of jumpers on input pins to select light, medium or heavy tank.

What I have done....
Servo in and out works, fire and hit kind of work.... (I have range issues, I believe caused by timing problem)   Slowing down when hit works and other LED outputs work.
What I have not done....
At the moment the weight class is hard coded, and I have the range issue when receiving signals. No outputs to external sound card.

What I would like to pay a developer to do.

My coding is VERY bad.  I am a hardware guy who has attempted to learn to Arduino specially for this project and  I have just learned on the go, TBH it really needs to thrown away and re-started.   What I have done is a good proof of concept but I'm just not a soft dev.  The dev is welcome to my code for what it's worth!
I would like to use an UNO for this as there are compatibles that already have all the pin headers on to ease connection to the speed controller and receiver, however I am aware I may be out of timers and I/O.
I have written a proper spec sheet which I can send to an interested party, if you're interested please let me know and I will send my spec sheet and code then hopefully we can agree a price!

Here's a little video of my project built into a tank and running... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Cmek3V2SM8

Thanks everso.


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hello Everso,

I believe that I can help you with this project.

Please take a quick loot at my website WWW.EmbeddedAT.com where you can see some of my current and past projects. If you think that I am a good match for your requirments please drop me an email to Peter@EmbeddedAT.com or a PM here in the forum

Cheers Pete.
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I do answer personal requests for help when accompanied with a PayPal receipt ;)


LOL...  yes, that was a bit English!

Thanks ever so much...



Many thanks Pete,

I'll take a look and contact you shortly.

Kindest regards,

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