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Dear all,

There is huge market of arduino running INDIA. According to me Arduino Developer should come up with New controllers  Within 1500Rs indian Price. When I explored there are only 2 or 3 boards come.Here we are restricted with 8 bit controller with limited iOS, ethier 16kb or 32kb flash memory.

1)arduino uno/deumilanove
2)Arduino FIO
3)Arduino Mini.

SO in market texas also start computing with below model with Energia IDE long months back.

SO come of with these kind of product .
Arduino support wise is good compare to TI in my personnel opinion

IF arduino developer comes with ARM based controller . SO it will good for future development.



Is 1500R about 25 dollars ? A lot is possible for 25 dollars.
For example the Teensy 3.0 : https://www.pjrc.com/store/teensy31.html
The Arduino Leonardo and Arduino Micro are often a little cheaper than the Uno.

Some clones are made in India, but you have to be careful about compatibility.

Because Arduino is so popular, other manufacturers sell development board at cost-price. That is why they are so cheap. However, there are so many libraries for the Arduino and so many project examples, that the Arduino is still the best development environment for electronic and programmable projects.


Ya i know that, Because some people Develop arduino boards . cost goes still cheaper . But i found some problem occurs with compatiablity of library.

If arduino developer comes up with their own boards , i think it will be more useful. since they are good at these kind of developing boards.
I am telling  like i shared , they has to come up with ARM based controller with that price. Arduino boards are good but @ some extent we can't use pins with low controller we get restricted with least no of pins.
I know there are several ways to use pins properly .

still cheaper boards:




Did you actually look at that link to the Teensy processor boards https://www.pjrc.com/store/teensy31.html ?
The Teensy is a fully Arduino compatible board available in large quantities.

It hosts an Arm Cortex M4 processor running @ 96MHz. In fact by most standards it is a better Arduino board than any of the original Arduino boards. The Teensyduino plugin installs many libraries that work much better than the original libraries. The creator has 20+ years of professional experience as an embedded electronics developer and over the years has provided uncounted number of improvement to the original Arduino libraries.

For the price, size and performance it is a top notch product pretty much unmatched.


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