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I've noticed something missing from recent Pro Mini projects, like our self-driving Jeep Rover's steering servo.

What's missing? Power and ground rails, among other things. When it's time to move from breadboard to real world, here's my solution:

I created this 'duino clone for Putting In Projects -- PIPduino :)  It has power rails, I2C port, FTDI/Serial port, SPI/ISP port, regulator (or power directly with 5V).

Embed in projects with standalone sensors and devices. Just build 0.1" cables. The ISP port doubles as a SPI port with D9 as the !SS pin.

Whatcha think?  I think I'll go ahead and sell 'em soon and see what happens https://www.tindie.com/products/bot_thoughts/pipduino/


looks good,

reset button should be accessible from the side (either by pins or button)
How about 3.3Volt?
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I can break out reset.

3.3V is easy enough.


reset button should be accessible from the side (either by pins or button)

By pins, it already is - on the FTDI header via the capacitor, or directly on the ISP header.  There would seem to be no reason to add another pinout for it.  The present button as shown is accessible over the FTDI header, so that is pretty accessible anyway.

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