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I'm writing a custom board profile for my board and everything seems to compile fine in the Arduino IDE  v1.8.3 under Windows but in the Mac version I'm getting this error:

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sketch/Blink.ino.cpp:1:0: fatal error: can't open //./tmpUENGNa for writing: Permission denied

the name of the tmp file is different every compile. I had some older versions and found that it did compile on 1.6.5. just fine. Looking at the change log I came across this change in the very next version:

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ARDUINO 1.6.6 - 2015.11.03

* MacOSX: binary is now able to tell the IDE its current working directory. Eases life to those using the IDE from the CLI

Now this gave me the idea to try launching the v1.8.3 Mac app from the command line by going to "Show Package Contents" then navigating to the Arduino executable and opening that (which launches it through the terminal) and it magically works!

Can someone shed some light on what is going on? Is this working directory a red herring?


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