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I need to control (switch on/off and dim) several 120v AC ElectroLuminescent displays with an Arduino. This looks like this is what I need to build: https://www.sparkfun.com/tutorials/119

It would be quicker for me to buy it already assembled. Another problem would still be that I need to control several of them, dozens in the final project, so if I need one relay box for each EL panel I will struggle, I guess I might need smething simimlar to this: http://cubloc.com/product/03_02cusb22r.php

Also Adafruit is selling this all in one solution https://www.adafruit.com/products/268#Description
but still only usable for one EL panel, and I need to use a lot.

Maybe one of you guys have already come across a single device (dream!) where I can plug my digital inputs, and ouput to many 120v AC devices?

I only have basic knowledge in Arduino and electrics, but very happy to learn!



The 'dim' part got me confused.
Do you only want to switch them on and off, or dim the full range ?

How many is 'several'. Maybe only 5 ? or 500 ?

Search on Ebay for "8 channel relay" and "SSR-25DA", to see if that is something you like.


Hey Caltoa,

Sorry for late reply, I found what I needed, which is the EL Escudo.
Eventually I would like to use about  100 EL panels, and with one EL Escudo I can only use 8, but that's enough for a start. Of course, if you have any idea what to use for firing several hundreds of them it'd be great to know.


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