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Topic: Need suggestion for VERY high power Arduino controlled (5V) relay - 220 VAC 60 A (Read 1 time) previous topic - next topic


After ordering a relay from China (which did not include a very good description) that does not work, I need a suggestion for an Arduino controlled SPDT relay (5 VDC) that can switch very high power (220 VAC 60A). The power Arduino will be switching power between water heaters...no inductive motor loads are involved. I would GREATLY appreciate your help, as I  have not been able to find something that is controlled with such a low voltage (5 VDC) but switches such high power (220 VAC 60A). Thanks!



You can use simple solid state relay like this one

Pure SPI Library for 1602 LCD using Shift Register

RFID Access Control Project


Two of those will accomplish what I am trying to do...thanks! Although, a single SPDT relay would be better, as I could use one of those instead of two SPST relays. Unfortunately, I do not see one of those on the LightObject website.

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