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Hello all,

I've been searching the forums and honestly everywhere on the web hoping to find a solution to my problem.

I've built a custom Arduino Leonardo clone, using the same Atmega32u4.
With this board I'm trying to use the StandardFirmata sketch to access some pins on it, with pyFirmata on a Raspberry Pi through the hardware serial (UART).

Now, I've been able to implement this approach with an Arduino Mini successfully, so I know for a fact it can be done.
I'm aware the Leonardo is a bit different regarding Serials, and that Serial refers to the USB one and Serial1 refers to the Tx/Rx pins. What i think is that the default serial used is the USB one, instead of the UART one and I'm unable to specify the one I want using the StandardFirmata .

So my question is, do I need to specify something on the StandardFirmata sketch to be able to use the UART?

Please ask any questions if my post is still unclear.

Thank you in advance.


After a few hints from more that a few topics on similar subjects I figured what was the way to go.

First I believe its required to have the latest Firmata installed (I used version 2.3.6) for those with an Arduino IDE version 1.0.X (I used 1.0.5)

After that, there's a change needed in the StandardFirmata sketch to make it use the UART serial instead of the default USB one.

Instead of starting the Firmata object :

Code: [Select]

Rather start the UART serial communication first and pass it to the Firmata begin method after:

Code: [Select]

When atempting a sample test code I was finally able to blink an LED using pyFirmata through UART   XD

Hope this ends up helping someone in the future.

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