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Hello everyone.

I have a question concerning the Mega ADK board, is it possible to connect a USB Host shield and control two USB ports, the Mega ADK board and USB Host shield? How I can do this?

Thank you.


Theoretically this is possible. The MAX3421E used in both products (Mega ADK and USB Host Shield) is an SPI device and on the ADK the SS line is connected to PH7 while the USB Host Shield's SS line connects to PB4 (D10).


Thanks pylon, I asked Oleg, author of the library USB Host Shield ( https://github.com/felis/USB_Host_Shield_2.0), and he told me that I can't use ADK + USB Host, I don't understand why but will use a USB HUB for connecting 2 USBs.

Thanks very much.

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