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First thing im so sorry with my poor english.

i want to design an automatic boat(boat in this case i mean small boat like a RC boat) that it can follow someone who need help in the sea but i just want to do in the pool.
This boat can follow person who need help.
The person who need help also has a life vest and life vest has a bluetooth or something that the boat can follow them.

Thank you for advice


That is actually very hard to do.
Can use GPS on the boat and the life vest ? The life vest could transmit it's GPS location and the boat could compare that to it's own location. You have to 'pair' both the GPS receivers for better accuracy.
A few month ago there was a project that a camera could follow someone. I don't know what happened to that project.

In a real situation with high waves, the radio waves will be blocked by the waves (by the water waves). You need professional equipment for the transmitter and receiver.


Yes for detection at sea you need height, crows nest ,aeroplate etc.

Lifeguards in pools have high chairs for a reason, its so they can see past the surface reflection.


For my project i just need to do this in only swimmingpool.

Do u have any website or book to guidance my project?

Thank you


For now only in a swimming pool, okay, that makes it easier. But it is still very hard to determine a direction. Ultrasonic and PIR motion detectors can not be used, neither lasers. I think that even for a swimming pool, GPS is the best choice.

You could start with an Arduino board and the Adafruit GPS logging shield:
With that you can do some test if it acutally works in a swimming pool.
The Adafruit website has many tutorials. When you buy something from Adafruit, you won't be disappointed.

For communication, have a look at the Sparkfun Wireless guide:
There are many more RF modules, but it is a nice overview.


For now only in a swimming pool, okay, that makes it easier.i think that even for a swimming pool, GPS is the best choice.

Only of its outdoors.

How about two posts with spinning mirrors an led.
Use triangulation ?

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