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I have looked at the EBay page you have referenced but the only part number I can see is the RJ45 connector. Therefore I have to assume that all you can go by are the labels on the 12-pin connector on that device.
However I cannot read the labels on the board that relate to that connector (at least not in the photo on the EBay page).
Is there another part number (perhaps screen-printed) on the board?
Are you able to list out the pins and the corresponding labels?
The pins that you have listed are only those used for power (Vcc whihch the device labels as Vdd and Gnd) and the SPI interface (SO, SI, SCK and \CS\).
As I mentioned before, the ENC28J60 itself requires an "\INT\" line back to the processor to tell it that something has been received, and also a "\RESET\" line from the processor that is normally used as part of the initialisation process.
It might be that there is a pull-up on the "\RESET\" line which would help you, but I'm almost certain that you will need to connect  up the "\INT\" line back to the processor.
For your interest, the current data sheet for the ENC28J60 itself is at http://ww1.microchip.com/downloads/en/DeviceDoc/39662e.pdf. Of course there may be some circuitry on your board between the connector and the device itself but ultimately the signals need to be connected to the pins on the device itself. (From the look of the picture it is either the SOIC or SSOP package but the pin connections for the ENC28J60 are the same for both.)


Olbaid - I have seen you PM but it is much better to get the thoughts of everyone on the forum to assist you.
Can you please look at the device you have bought and see if there is a part number on it other than on the RJ45 connector?
Basically we need to find out more about that device than we can from the eBay advertisement. In particular what we need to know are the connections on the device: you have mentioned the power and SPI interfaces but there will be other connections and those are important for the ENC28J60.


the shield is here ( MINI ENC28J60 ).... http://www.dipmicro.com/store/ENC28J60-MINI-MOD
But, thinking the connections i made was right, i tried to use this shield with arduino uno, and also with arduino uno it seems doesnt work, using with the same code, a similar shield. I think now, it isnt a connection problem.  :/


OK - the web site you refer to shows a table with the connections that you need to make. The table includes the "INT" and "RESET" items.
In all of your past posts you have not mentioned these lines so : have you connected these between your board and the Arduino (whichever one you are using)?
(BTW - the images of the board in the URL in your last post don't quite match the images in the eBay URL you gave earlier although there are similarities. However I can only assume that they are electrically the same, in particular with the connectors.)


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