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Also noteworthy, this workaround is a must for Arduino IDE 1.6.3



Hi @kevzl

We now have a new dedicated forum for Arduino on STM32 which I set up a few weeks ago.



Its probably best if you register and post on the new forum as more people now monitor that forum than read this thread


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Just seen THIS about the Neutrino, not as good as the STM32xxx, but nevertheless a nice product, hopefully the IDE will be ready for it soon :)


Same price as a Teensy but less performance.

I'm surprised it made its financial target.

I will stick with a $5 Maple mini, which is almost twice as fast.

Albeit this device has 32k ram instead of 20k and 258k flash.
But I can't imagine who would need that much flash.

@strawberrymaker is designing a Community STM32 board, on the www.stm32duino.com forum

It's likely to be better than that board and potentially cheaper, it will most likely have a F103RET processor which is better spec ed than that board

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@Roger, Ok, just thought I would mention it, its not cheap but it IS another alternative when people are looking for 'faster/bigger than uno' alternatives.. its also a SAM which I think is similar to the Due

A community STM32 board ? wow thats great, what is the advantage over the ebay-uino's ?


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Roger, in your wanderings, have you come across routines for the Rduino/whatever, written in C for taking image data, eg from OV7670 or an LCD, and creating a BMP image write to SD card? MrRduino has a routine to convert to jpeg, but I am more interested in BMP or some general bitmap format.

IE, I want LCD bitmap -> SD card. I've not found anything actually useful via google searches, mostly routines for going the other way, BMP image from SD -> LCD display.

I'm not doing OV7670 currently, but displaying data to LCD by other means, and am wishing to capture from the LCD RGB565 format to SD card. Eg, my latest is sonar mapping for my robots. See image [my digital camera does not take very good close-ups], I want the LCD data on the SD card.


A community STM32 board ? wow thats great, what is the advantage over the ebay-uino's ?
I just realised that joke may have gone over your head !! lol :)


BMP can allow various type of compression but the most used is the format without compression. So, i believe, it's simple to write, you have just add an header and your data.
You may start from here


Mr zoomx, thanks for the info. In fact, I spent a lot of time searching today, visited maybe 50 sites, and couldn't find anything that made any sense. I had found the wikipedia article earlier, and it's extremely informative. I'd have thought the code would be around in a 1000 places, but duh.

And bizarrely, a noobee over on the Storage section posted about this whole thing a few days ago.

Turns out OP over there had posted some code 2-years ago [LOL], and which "almost" works. Tonight I've been using the wikipedia article to decode that header file and sketch, so I'm on the trail. As you indicate, the code itself appears to be rather simple.

If anyone is interested I can post my sketch after I get it working, assuming I do. Should allow you to use, for instance, Adafruit_ST7735 or ILI9341 library to write any sort of textual or graphical data to the LCD screen, then read it out, and write to SD card as BMP.


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Thanks, I missed the link on that page previously. Namely where it says, "You can check qdbmp.sourceforge.net for implementation details"



Hello, I have a this board; http://i.imgur.com/3tHKLNm.jpg
I tried with Maple IDE. Good worked.
I can not run with the Arduino IDE.
Which version do I use ?  IDE v1.6.3 and v1.6.2
I choose the bootloader version? Original and Bootloader 2.0 ??
The device does not see the Port.
Compilation error. {runtime.tools.arm-none-eabi-gcc.path}/bin/arm-none-eabi-g++
I can not do it, because I don't know English. :'(
Can you give me a tutorial video, please?  



I have the same board.
1) Download Arduino IDE 1.6.4 but I believe that works also with 1.6.3
2) In Board Manager install "Arduino SAM Boards (32-bits ARM Cortex-M3)
3) from here
push download zip on the right so you get the last core for STM32
4) Unzip the archive in the Hardware subfolder of Arduino's sketches folder. Inside you must have the same folder structure that you have seen on github.
5) Install latest windows drivers that are in drivers/win, start install_drivers.bat
6) Now you can start the IDE, choose LeafLab Maple Mini rev 2 board and original Bootloader to start.

For any question you can ask here
that's the reference forum of this core, ad madias wrote.

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