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I'm new to all of this. Project objective: use electric conductivity probe to start the switching process for a pump.
Pump specifics are as of yet unknown. Requirements are: pump massive quantity of tidal influenced h2o from a river to a gigantic tank. Use of an ec Probe to determine salinity thus appropriate on off times. Analog signal from probe to shield to uno? Low Voltage signal from appropriate board to unknown switching device. I can follow instruction well, assemble pieces, solder simple circuits, use a computer, understand basic electronics and am extremely competent on the high voltage and construction end of things. I don't yet know how to program. Nor am I familiar with any thing I need between the probe and pump. Any and all help would be appriciated.


more info if you wont help what you think would work what type of motor you would like to use single phase or 3 phase


The probe will output a very small analog signal in the milli volt range. This signal will need to be amplified; there are plenty shields and example code available. I have used stamps by Atlas  Scientific. We will need more info about the motor type to help with a solution for the output side. It could be as easy as solid state relay or it could require a much more expensive drive.

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