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I am trying to kick start a new Arduino Group based in Plymouth and want to gauge how much interest there is.

I have arranged a venue (complete with coffee bar/cafe) plus a fairly huge indoor  space which has the potential for testing  arduino based vehicles and quadcopters etc

Would hope eventually to have regular meets, guest speakers, events etc.

Let me know if you interested.  Looking also for people with skills in microprocessors/arduino willing to get involved in workshops.




Hi Peter,
I hope your plymouth arduino group came together.
 I'm new here, and new to Arduino / robotics. I'm programme leader for product design at Plymouth College of Art. I'm potentially looking for help with an arduino / robotics / haptics project in the near future.
You can contact me at kjenkins@pca.ac.uk, 01752 22043434
regards, Kevin


Hello Peter,

I realise that I'm extremely late to the party, but if you're still running I would be very interested.

In no way am I an expert in electronics but I've managed to bodge a few projects together quite successfully. I'm actually in Ivybridge but its not difficult to get into Plymouth via bus.

I can be contacted at; docbanzai@yahoo.co.uk

Forgive me for using a yahoo email but you know how it is with spam etc.

If you're not running anymore (or even if you are), I wish you every success in your projects!

All the best,



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hi - well i'm guessing there was either no interest - given the OP  date or there's a thriving group that no one knows about .lol 

i'm also in Plymouth  and at 63 you may think a bit old to be getting into this stuff  ( back in my youth there where no iPhones - arduinos - computers, much - monochrome tv - blah blah ect ect )   - however i have been doing amateur radio for the last 40 odd years  - which has sorta lost its appeal  - so dug out the pile of arduino stuff i bought years ago and am learning as i go  - however  - its the coding that's the problem  - i'm ok changing the odd thing here and there - but doing it from scratch is a bit too much  - so if there are any of you who want /need to cooperate on projects  - and may need input on matters radio or even  just brainstorming  - be happy to help - and if there are any whizz kid programmers for this stuff out in the city - even better ( have tried asking if there was anyone at the uni  who could help in the past - but they it seems don't even have the courtesy to reply to emails )  - most intrested in light communications over a long distance  - using LEDS /LASERS ??  - but theres no one in the amateur radio community round here that is - and given the current interest in LIFI  etc ............... anyways here if anyones interested  - de brett -  G6URM 

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