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Hi there,
I've been thinking about a small helicopter controlled with arduino and servomotors.
So, here the first problem... In my project the helicopter has two servo propellers.
What servos should i buy? I found some check if theese servos may work properly? Thanks you!http://www.ebay.com/itm/10pcs-TowerPro-micro-servo-motor-SG90-9G-RC-Robot-Helicopter-Airplane-controls-/121117943383?pt=Radio_Control_Parts_Accessories&hash=item1c33312657


What do you mean by "servo propellers"?


Presumably he means the pitch swash plate.  Triangle-shaped bearing assembly, one corner is fixed, the other two corners are actuated up & down.  So I think it means he has FOUR servos and TWO motors to control with outputs?  A lot you're leaving us guess here, kiddo!


Sorry, now I'll try to explain better. I'm not good in English  :smiley-sweat:.
The project is like an helicopter, where i have two rotors for lift and two rotors for translating in the space.
As I hope you can see in the picture, the project is a simple box, with two rotors (diks in the photo) rotating in the opposite direction to keep the heli stable; these should lift the heli. Than there are other two rotors to push the heli back and forth.
So, I need servos than can turn of 360°, isn't it?

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