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Topic: Windows 7 "STARTER EDITION" problems finding driver?? Arduino UNO (Read 693 times) previous topic - next topic


My laptop with windows 7 STARTER EDITION cannot locate the drivers for my arduino UNO.

Now I've seen the part about downloading the zip file and having windows search the "drivers" folder for the arduino.inf or UNO.inf files (which i DO have) however it just says "nothing found" and does NOT pull up the "unsigned driver" warning and then prompt to install.

Arduino is not in the com ports and goes to "other devices"

any ideas? also Tried this arduino on my old laptop with XP and its getting "did not find any usb device "usb" errors and freezing on upload even though I can still open the serial monitor box just fine and view data.

link to old laptop and XP issue - http://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=266721.0


CORRECTION. its a MICRO NOT and UNO. derp. anyways. anyone have ideas or have it working with windows 7 starter?

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