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That kind of comparison makes sense if all you do with your mcu is to add 32-bit numbers.
 Even in that comparison, what if you wanted to process char or short?
You're wrong. Even if your app is not about 32 bit math, remember that most ADCs conversions are 10 bits or more. You should remember too that you don't take a single conversion, but 4 or eight or more, then you average the result. In a 32-bit core like Cortex-M0 this is piece of cake:

for (sum = 0, i = 0; i < 16; i++) {
sum += ADC(channel0);
result = sum / 16;

In fact, there is no div operation at all, but 'sum' is right offset 4 positions. Overall result? Code faster and smaller.

A 8-bit core will take a lot of code just to make the 10-bit integrations inside the loop. Even if you think you are not to use 32-bit math, it will show up quicly whenever you want to implement a sensor-fusion (accelerometer + gyro + compass) in your Arduino.

Another important point that must be taken into account are the 32-bits timers inside the LPC1114. What are they good for? For example, in a servo-controller you gain a better granularity (finer steps).


It is quite possible that nxp has studied the market and come to the conclusion that this super-duper red-hot "hobbyist" niche is not where they can make sufficient profit to float their boat. Instead, they want to focus instead on this much larger non-sexy industrial applications market for this chip.
It's said, though I don't remember the source, that the LPC1114 DIP version was developed focusing in the chinese market. And that makes sense: Not all the electronics in the world is SMD. A really big portion of the cake is still PTH. And China is the major electronics maker now a days. So NXP made its move.

BTW, NXP is not making chips for hobbysts like us, as Microchip has always done. I mean, ARM chips from NXP, Freescale, ST, etc. are for production, while PICs are just for fun (I haven't used PICs ever, and I don't plan to do so ever).

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