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Is the manual for the starterkit (170 pages) available for download as PDF?
It's a good looking, flashy book, but its very hard to read with all it's fonts and colors and what not.



I agree about the starterkit manual.   The material inside is great and I might not have a lot of trouble reading it if I were sitting in my comfortable chair with a good light.   However, we who have close vision problems are already frustrated with the small parts and resistor color codes and getting the leads in the right row of holes.  If we didn't have to fight to be able to read the book, it would be much better.

A real PDF of the book would include the same fonts and colors.  Printed on a black printer, it will come out the same size and and colors will be shades of gray.  It will not be much easier to read than the book.  The text with a colored background will be a shade of gray on a shade of gray and the numbers on the back of an IC will probably disappear.  This is not a very useful solution.     

The problem is easy to describe.   The solution will be expensive, in terms of time and effort.  The book was probably laid out one page at a time, using one of the specialized layout packages the printing industry uses. Many times changing a font will change the amount of space a paragraph takes, which means many page breaks will change.  Then changing one page will require working on two pages, which might mean the next page has to be fixed or there will be a big blank spot...  This will be a tremendous amount of work. 

Maybe we can dream that this problem will be considered in the next version of the starter kit.  People with vision problems deserve to use Arduino, too.  


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