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"The cost-effective, secure Arduino Wi-Fi Shield 101 is an easy-to-use extension that can seamlessly be connected to any Arduino board enabling high-performance Wi-Fi connectivity. This new shield gives the design community more opportunities to securely connect IoT applications, ranging from consumer goods to wearables, robotics, high-tech devices and more. The Arduino Wi-Fi Shield 101 is powered by Atmel's wireless network controller, part of the Atmel SmartConnect family. It also includes the ATECC108 device, from the Crypto Authentication family, which allows users to easily incorporate hardware authentication capability in their design.

The Arduino Wi-Fi Shield 101 can be connected to any modern Arduino R3 board, enabling connectivity to the Internet using any traditional Wi-Fi access points. It is based on the WINC1500 802.11b/g/n network controller which features an integrated TCP/IP stack, TLS security and SoftAP for seamless provisioning."

Looking at Atmel's site.. the ATWINC1500 ... "Atmel® SmartConnect-WINC1500 is an IEEE 802.11 b/g/n IOT network controller SoC. It is the ideal add-On to existing MCU solutions bringing WiFi and Network capabilities through UART or SPI-to-WiFi interface."

Looking at Atmel's site again... the ATECC108... "Access to the device is through a standard I²C Interface at speeds up to 1Mb/sec. It is compatible with standard Serial EEPROM I²C Interface specifications. The device also supports a Single-Wire Interface that can reduce the number of GPIOs required on the system processor or reduce the number of pins on connectors."

It appears to work like the other shields... but apparently with the crypto piece.. may increase pin count? Or do the ATWINC1500/ATECC108 work in conjunction and hide the extra physical implementation stuff from us? (just a set of additional libraries and function calls in software or something?)

Anyone heard about this guy?


This is very very good news :-)

Key Features
Cost-effective hardware authentication capability
Flexible use model for many applications
Easy turnkey integration
Secure system identification for networking, warranty, communication
Small 8 lead package
Hardware Security technology
High Quality Random Number Generators (RNG)
Active Shield
Tamper monitors


I hope they don't tie its RESET to Arduino RESET, a stupid thing. Why are we not allowed to reset wifi with arduino, or the other way around? With digi xbee wifi, you can reset xbee wifi with arduino, or even better, reset Arduino with xbee wifi, using their cloud. Will atmel have a cloud to compete? That would be great!
SDI-12 USB Adapter, custom designs
Routinely doing USB host and device stuff


How much code space does the crypto lib use?
The release mentions the library.  Where can we download it from?


Wifi Shield 101 has not microSD slot
Wifi Shield 101 has not U.FL (or equivalent) connector...
What a pity

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