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However a short time ago I opened another Firefox window and Googled to locate the Arduino reference page on Port Manipulation and when I tried to access the page Firefox told me it was an Untrusted Connection and the HTTPS certificate belongs to www.craftory.co rather than to id.arduino.cc

None of this timewasting nonsense was happening prior to 25 Sept.

I would be a trifle worried about malware on your system.

As I said before, the forum system is clearly dodgy, but no more dodgy than usual in my current experience.  I get nginx faults occasionally but not sufficiently often to make me suspect I have the "nginx" browser virus; I think these are genuine and possibly point to whatever is the major - and very chronic - problem.


It's working as normal this morning (30 Sep) - I haven't done anything at my end.

Hopefully it will continue to behave, but I will wait a day or two before updating the title.

Two or three hours spent thinking and reading documentation solves most programming problems.


Don't bank on it - I've noticed that some user names aren't appearing again!

Your first date coincides with the release of the exhibitors list at Maker Faire Rome. I wonder if the forum shares servers with the Maker Faire site?
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