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I'm building a robot which will have 8 servo's and two rgb leds. I'm having some trouble with the servo's. I'd like to be able to control speed and range of each servo. I know the Servo library does not support speed but there are other libraries in my searching that use software for this control.

Another option is a servo controller which does it all in hardware. 8 servo's + 2 RGB leds will = 14 PWM signals. This robot will use Bluetooth so communication will be Serial. So I'm kinda confused, at what point is a controller needed? I have a simple pan tilt setup working with 2 of the servo's but they're very jittery and of course the speed issue. I haven't tried the other libraries yet, Im hoping  someone has crossed this bridge already and can say what worked for them.


Are you using SoftwareSerial for the bluetooth interface?  It will disable interrupts for significant periods of time and that causes jitter in the Servo library.

If you can use a Leonardo you can use the hardware serial port (Serial1) for Bluetooth while still using USB (Serial) for upload and debug.

The Arduino MEGA also has several spare hardware serial ports.
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I'm using the hardware Serial with the Servo library on my Arduino Uno. Haven't yet, but I will try the VarSpeedServo library.

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