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I see Digikey has an online schematic capture tool now with "Ability to diagram at the Block, Icon, System, or Schematic level."
Wonder if it will evolve to PCB design at some point.

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You've been on holidays?

If digikey is smart and I know they are, PCB capability will surely follow.
Not convinced it will be very fast unless they offer a download version to go with this drawing program.

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Im guessing it will.

Bit like rs components design spark.

I like the front end though, less fiddly than using design spark for a quickie.

Should be popular with beginners.

Coding Badly

Looks like they out sourced it...

Or one of them is a thief.

Coding Badly

Anyone try this one...


Of course it all comes down to how steep the learning curve is and how good the libraries are.  For a freebie, I've used PCB123 from Sunstone Circuits and it's OK for small manual stuff.  I doubt anyone will find a decent autorouter in a free PCB tool though.  Otherwise how would Mentor stay in business?   Anybody tried Circuitmaker?

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