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just beginning....  where is my error?





Electricity has to make a loop - your wiring doesn't seem to complete a loop.
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please consider I do know nothing about electricity, I just tried to do as was written an the book, that was not clear to me.

So, I'm shure only about the red wire, that was clear to me where to put.

Someone can explain me, please, exactly were tu put others components?

Thank's  :smiley-slim:



Hi Stefano!

go to one of the first pages of the manual that you received with the kit (not sure about the exact page) and take a look about how the trails of the breadbord run. You cannot see it by eye, but under the white plastic cover of the breadboard (the one with the dots to place the components) there are a lot of metallic trails, which connect all the components that you place on the breadboard. The "game" is to connect them in a "loop", as CrossRoads said, and let the electricity flow :-)
You will immediately see that for example the "column" where you placed the RED wire in your picture is not connected to any other component!
Happy wiring!  ;)

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