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Hey guys,

I am currently taking a design course requiring me to create a machine which is able to move around on the soccer field (xy coordinate system) and shoot soccer balls (various speeds and angles) at the player for (goalie/corner/passing training). How would I be able to to control the robot's location and its functionalities with an android app via bluetooth? What programs and languages would I need to know to make this application that could do the following
1) move the machine to desired location
2) at desired location shoots a soccer balls at the player at various speeds/angles.

Any help would be great! I'm really struggling since i have a very weak background in coding and electronics. Thank you!


Hmm...     If you are going to control a robot from and android app via bluetooth, you might have a range problem.... bluetooth on mobile devices have a range of about 33 feet.   soccer fields are larger than that.

I'm interested in this answer too --  is it possible to have a soccer field sized bluetooth range by having better bluetooth hardware on the robot?


I think if you have a strong bluetooth arduino transceiver it'll work. I'm not too sure about that.

I think I figured it out,

bluetooth compatible app inventor->send the location of the machine to arduino->arduino sends info to rasberry pi which will calculate the desired speed and angle of the soccer ball to be shot->send info to arduino to shoot the ball

idk if thats the correct logic or not..

any input would be great! thanks again!


If i were you i would not use bluetooth but instead use a pair of xbee radios... Much better range and easy to use. And as for the robot i would recommend something that can scoop up the ball and feede into a lauching mechanism of which u can control the power and angle (spring loaded platform adjusted by motors?) And as for location control i am not sure... maybe gps? And opencv to detect the ball

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