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Hi All:

I have one Futaba receiver with S-bus protocol; I want to use the receiver to connect with one camera to give command for that camera. The problem is, the way the S-bus protocol work on the receiver will not be able to read from the RS 232 RX port on the camera.
So I think, I will need to buy a device - probably an Arduino, that let me program, and change the signal out of the receiver, to a type of signal that will be compatible with the camera.

Would you give me any advice on that?

Thank you.


The S-Bus signal is an inverted serial at 100.000 baud.

If you want an Arduino to read it you just need an inverter, but I don't understand how your receiver can read the camera. ?



I'm curious what kind of camera takes control signals using rs232.  Do you have a make and model?


Hi Erni:  the receiver will send control signal to camera not taking control signal from camera. Do you have a link to buy an inverter?
Thank you for your response.

Hi KenF: Flir camera use that RS232 control signal.


The inverter is just a transistor and two resistors as shown in my link.



Thank you, Erni.

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